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Show Up, Shout Out and Shut Down the Tar Sands! Demonstration and Festivities

- 5:00pm
Saturday August 24 2013

Address: Dundonald Park (Lyon and Somerset), Ottawa, unceded Algonquin territory

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Dundonald Park
(Somerset and Lyon)
Saturday, August 24, 4:00pm
Bring your banners, pots, pans, drums and whatever!
DecLine 9 Ottawa
This is not a permitted march


Free Food and Drinks
There will be music and drumming



Ben Powless (Mohawk), Ecology Ottawa
Vanessa Gray (Ojibway), Anti-Line 9 Organizer


Adam III
Erin Saoirse Adair
Chris Elie


Solidarity with the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, and with every community that is resisting the Tar Sands!

Solidarity with everyone who is negatively impacted by the Tar Sands industry!

On August 24th we will be coming together as a community, to show our solidarity with people resisting the Tar Sands industry, and our commitment to building a better world together. We will be protesting the both the Tar Sands, and two of the pipelines that pass through or near Ottawa: Line 9, and Energy East.

Line 9 is pipeline that extends from Sarnia to Montreal, and that is being retrofitted to pump Tar Sands oil. There is already a strong campaign to stop this pipeline being turned into a Tar Sands pipeline.

Energy East is a pipeline that is used to transport Natural Gas, and that TransCanada wants to alter to carry Tar Sands oil. The proposed change was only discovered recently, and the camapign to stop it is already underway, and is growing quickly.

We want to celebrate all of the creative, beautiful and loving ways Indigenous and non-Indigenous people have been protecting Mother Earth, waters, animals and future generations. We want a movement that is stronger in numbers, less apathetic, and more empathetic with each other and with the natural world.

We Are Everywhere! We Want A World Where Everyone Fits!


- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation preparing to stand before regulatory board challenging tar sands winter drilling project:

- Line 9 - Tar Sands

A proposal to bring dirty tar sands oil through Ontario & Quebec

- Ecology Ottawa Rejects Proposed TransCanada Energy East Pipeline

Energy East would see 1.1 million barrels of oil shipped through Ottawa and the Rideau River daily


The Tar Sands are one of the most, if not THE most, environmentally destructive projects that exists today.

The Tar Sands exist due to the historic and ongoing colonization of Turtle Island (North America) and the Treaties made between the Canadian Government and Indigenous Nations. The Canadian government has never honoured the spirit in which the treaties were made, and in practice has unilaterally violated virtually all the agreements which it made.

We are all downstream from the tar sands, whether that’s literally or through exposures to the many pipelines that are being built to service tar sands industry. We are all effected: worker’s are forced to work in dangerous and toxic environments; migrants workers are denied citizenship rights, super-exploited, segregated from and paid less than Canadian citizens, and often experience racism; women and women workers have said that they frequently experience physical and sexual violence; women who live close to the industries and refineries are subjected to dangerous toxins that damage their reproductive systems, and have more risks of miscarriage; children are born with birth defects, and have much higher instances of serious physical health issues; both children and adults in affected communities experience grave physical and mental health issues, including cancers, post traumatic stress, developmental disabilities; animals are disappearing, as more and more are being killed or chased away from their natural habitats.

It is important to remember that the ecological degradation wrought by the tar sands happens everyday, and that the scale of the destruction is so great, and with such dire impacts for everyone, especially the environment and directly effected communities, but also in terms of climate change and global warming, that the Tar Sands need to be a political priority for every person, and movement in Canada.

The movement against tar sands is at a critical juncture. Currently the expansion of the tar sands is being significantly impeded by the fierce resistance that pipelines have attracted continentwide. The industry’s difficulties in moving their product West and South has led to Enbridge’s Line 9 Reversal project and TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline Project, both of which cut through Ontario & Quebec on their way to the East coast. The time has come for people in our region to come together, declaring that we will not be complicit in the exploitation of Mother Earth and that we do not want these pipelines carrying Tar Sands oil running through our communities.

Join us!


This event has been endorsed by:

The Indigenous Peoples' Solidarity Movement - Ottawa (IPSMO)
350 Ottawa
Ecology Ottawa
Solidarity Against Austerity


For more information on:

Indigenous People:


Migrant workers:







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