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The Multimedia & Multi-culturalism Toolkit is now online for use

by Multimedia & Multiculturalism Initiative of UNA-C

The Multimedia & Multi-culturalism Toolkit is now online for use

A guide to understanding and using multimedia to build stronger communities through diversity in Canada — from the Multimedia & Multiculturalism Initiative of the United Nations Association in Canada.

View/download it at this link (82-page PDF):


From the introduction:

This M&M Toolkit is about you. You will discover a wealth of tips, guidelines, and testimonials on how to initiate and promote inclusive media within your community of diverse cultures and heritages. The M&M Toolkit can be used by anybody with interest in using media and communication tools to bring together a group, neighbors, schools, employees or a ‘community’ to explore solutions towards building a socially cohesive society in Canada.

A reader/user will gain knowledge and in-depth understanding of:

  • Terms used in the M&M Toolkit on diversity, cultural identity and other related themes.

  • Why Canadians should care about diversity and social cohesion within their communities and day-to-day interactions with their fellow citizens.

  • Community mapping exercises, including tips on how to assess the needs and capacity of your community, and get to appreciate its assets – the people who live and work in the community; including volunteers and knowledge experts.

  • The process of engaging one another around a common goal, capturing our voices, and presenting our views in an accurate and balanced fashion.

  • The art of organizing community events and ways to overcome fear and mobilizing towards a common goal.


The Multimedia and Multiculturalism Initiative website is It was a three-year project that is just now drawing to a close.

For an introduction to the project, you can see this article, podcast and videos from the project launch in Ottawa.

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